If you have been following my blog for some time now, then you know that I also have a genealogy podcast that I started last year.  It was something that my husband encouraged me to do so that I would get more comfortable talking about this journey. So, I am excited to announce that the Journey Through the Generations Podcast is back and the latest episode is up on iTunes and Google Podcasts.

This podcast is where I will discuss what is going on in the genealogy world, what is going on with my own personal research, and I will have some of my family and friends on from time to time to discuss how they have helped me along the way or how my research has inspired them.  So you will not only get to know me better but my genealogy circle as well.  Although I am super excited about recording my podcast again, I must admit that I am also still very nervous.

You can listen right here, right now by playing through the podcast player below.

If you prefer to listen via a Podcast app, you can listen on Apple Podcasts or Google Play. Click below to listen.


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